Fortify your mental health with these 5 tips !

We all know what it’s like to get work done when you are not on your A game.

I noticed that for the past week I’ve been going through some serious stress, which led me to become irritated and angry for the smallest things, such as when playing games with friends I became super toxic and blamed them for the mistakes I did. Other one was that when I went to work I was already feeling like ‘shit’ and didn’t have any motivation to go.

Nobody wants to go through their day all angry with crazy mood-swings, so I did some research on this subject. The feelings and emotions that I was having trouble with were exhaustion, tiredness, dizziness, irritation, anger, not being able to think properly and the list goes on.

Here are some things I found that affected my mood in a negative way:

  • Not sleeping well
  • Not eating well
  • Not thinking well, meaning that my brains are on passive mode
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Ironically your blood pressure goes up too, which is kinda funny when grown-ups get tantrums.
  • Starting to behave in a douchy manner, yelling at other people when they have done nothing wrong
  • no self-control
  • lots of other negative side effects

Yeah, stress and anger belong in their own categories, but I feel like that they go hand-in-hand in this case.

Going ape-shit is never okay. | LEAGUE OF LEGENDS RAGE

To sum it up, with this post I want to share with everyone that how important it is to have a strong mental health and share some tips I have noticed that work really well on improving your mental health and mood in overall. Believe me, if you follow these few tips then your work-flow will skyrocket !

‘Also take all advice with a grain of salt, as every individual is different and peoples bodies work different ever so slightly!’


Food is the source of all your energy. Feeling low on energy and just want to go take a nap? Having mood-swings throughout the day? Well the chances are that you have not slept enough, but also that you haven’t eaten enough neither. Eating well makes sure, that your mood-swings will appear more seldom and that you have enough energy to focus through-out the day.

I won’t go too much in to details with this post on what you should eat, but just make sure that you eat enough. Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure that you eat well when you wake up. After few hours fill your tummy with lunch. Dinner and Supper in my opinion don’t need to be massive, but just something to keep your engine running.


Hey I get it, you have trouble quitting the game or your work, but believe me, you will be way more productive with 9 hours of sleep and 15 hours of work, rather than with 4 hours of sleep and 20 hours of work. A person that has slept properly will get more value out of their time just from 2 hours of work, whereas someone who hasn’t slept enough may get the same task done in 4 hours or even more. This of course should be taken with a grain of salt, because some jobs don’t always require the same kind of effort.

The amount of sleep you need always depends on the person, but the minimum recommended amount of sleep that you need as an adult is 8 hours. On younger people under 18 it should be 9~ hours.

Another reason why you do want to get enough sleep each day is, that you will reach your ‘zone’ faster when your mind is rested. And to elaborate more on what ‘zone’ is, is that scientists call this state of mind kinda like the state of flow where the information in your brains will flow flawlessly. Zone is the state when you are most productive at any given task that you are assigned to.


Working too hard? Playing games too long? Remember to take breaks as many as you need during the day to stay sane and focused. I’m personally already accustomed to a mandatory 5 minute break every hour, sometimes even longer. Some people may need more, some less, but whenever you start to feel like the stress is building up or that you are losing your focus, just take a break. There is no shame in delaying your work by a bit if it ensures that you get back to it with a fresh mind!

Another thing that is kinda self-explanatory is bathroom breaks. Nothing worse than needing to pee or go for a number 2 in the middle of your work. We all know how this will mess up our productivity.


One thing that I’ve noticed that has helped me stay sane during longer sessions of work or gaming is, that I often talk with friends. You shouldn’t use it as an excuse that ‘ohh I have no friends!’. We all have someone to talk to, and if we don’t, then we should try to do something about it. Maybe post on reddit or forums about the projects that you are working on. There are always people out there that are interested in what you are doing.

I often talk about League of Legends with my friends and share my ideas and plans in order to get some feedback. I also talk with my girlfriend a lot about the things we have both done throughout the day as it helps us both stay positive during the day.

What we must understand is, that humans are social creatures. Socializing in one way or another, even through chatting with strangers on discord or forums helps us stay connected and feel needed. Socializing is crucial to our well-being, mental health and may I even add that it’s crucial to our survival. Being all alone and not having anyone to talk to on what you feel, think or go through will slowly cripple our mental well-being.


Personal hygiene makes us feel more productive. I sometimes skip showers and after a few days even I start to hate the odor that comes out of me, and that obviously will reduce my workflow, not to forget the other peoples workflow. One important habit that I’ve forced myself to learn was to brush my teeth every single time before I go to bed, but even better if you wash twice a day. Also keeping the workspace around us clean makes us be more productive than what we usually are.

You can often see some bloggers or youtubers show their workspace on their photos or videos, and every single time with no expections ( except for Pasi Viherajo ), their workspace is clean. But we all love our finn Pasi Viherajo and he is the only exception to a guy that can do what he wants!

Reasons for this is, that when you have everything organized, it’s easier to start work on the stuff that you want to do, as you know where everything is. It also gives you the ease of mind knowing that you don’t have to clean in a while, but just focus on your work as everything else in your life is under control.

Even making your bed in the morning is a really good habit to get used to, as for many people knowing that there is a ready-made-bed waiting for you after you are done with your work and just want to pass out on to your bed and sleep. I’ll admit though, I rarely make my bed and it’s something that we all should do. I am not a military guy, but military people certainly got something right on the nail when they tell recruits to make their bed every single morning.


The things I’ve talked about today is something that we all know and it’s really nothing new. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us of the things that we need to do when we are feeling stressed, down, angry or emotional in any negative way. So again, let’s re-cap the things that you should focus on to fortify your mental health:

  • 1: Eating enough
  • 2: Sleeping enough
  • 3: Having enough breaks
  • 4: Socializing with other people
  • 5: Keeping your body & workspace clean

Yet again a post that is no rocket science. Some of us have our careers set for life and money just flows from every vent, but for some reason they are not happy. They are constantly grumpy, stressed and keep trying too hard to climb the social ladders. Maybe you are not making any progress, because the fundamentals your parents taught you when you were a child just suddenly got forgotten?

I won’t even say that you are lazy, because none of us really are. It’s just the bad habits we have got used to. You need to re-program your brains with good habits, as an example to name a few: go out to a walk every morning, brush your teeth and have a nice breakfast. At first it feels impossible, but eventually it will become a habit and you don’t even think about anymore.

I saw a video on youtube like a year ago where this guy talked about the habits of succesful people, and one of those habits was making your bed and he was right:” How can you succeed in life if you can’t even make your bed? ” .

So from now on, the first step you should take on I guess is… making your bed every morning? Yeah, makes sense.

Thanks for reading, and until next post!

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