Guaranteed fix to my finances the easy way

It’s not the big earnings, but small savings that count. | IMAGE: RIOT GAMES

Guaranteed fix to my finances

Have you ever wondered: “how come I never have money for anything???’ ? I’ve been struggling financially for months now, just not figuring out how I’m broke all the time”.

I noticed that few months in a row when there were still 2 weeks left for my pay that I was completely out of money. I didn’t want to live my life in a way that every month I have to depend on other people for my survival. Having to beg money from parents or people that I know just hurts my ego too much, not to forget that I have to do it over and over and over again every single month. I’m sure most of you can relate to this in one way or another, where being too dependent on other people makes you feel weak or ashamed.

The quick fix to my financial issues was really simple on paper, but one of the hardest things to follow through. So to begin with, I don’t really have any big earnings. I get a fixed amount of money from the Finnish government monthly and I’m left with around 490€ after rent, electricity & water.
To some of you that might sound like a lot of money, but it’s really not, as the living expenses in Finland are higher than in most other countries around the world.

I have 490€ to live with, so how do I proceed? I’ll first write down my old living expenses, and then show the new plan:

  • Internet bill: 40€~/month 1000/50 MB/s Cable
  • Phone bill: 24€~/month unlimited Text & calls + 150MB/s internet
  • Around 90€~/month in recurring payments from electronic purchases to my home ( TV, PC Monitor, Nintendo Switch & Smartwatch )
  • Cigarets around 150€ monthly. Yes, smoking cigarets is expensive in Finland at around 8,20€-9,00€ per pack of 20 cigarettes.
  • Fast-Food 2-3 times a month at around 50-60€/month
  • Soda, Ice Cream, Potato Chips, Coffee, Meal, Rice, Milk and just stuff I put in my belly 200€~/month
  • Personal & home hygiene, anywhere from toothpaste to shampoo, chlorine for bathroom clean etc etc. 50€/month

And the balance of all these expenses when deducting from a starting balance of 490€ is:
= -124€~ . So when you just stop and do quick math on why I need to borrow money every month, then it’s no surprise. I’ll now show the new plan before I explain all in detail:

  • Internet bill: 15€/month for 100/50 MB/s 4G
  • Phone bill: 15€/month for unlimited text & calls + 20MB/s internet
  • Recurring payments still at 90€/month. Can’t run away from making stupid purchases!
  • Cigarettes 0€/month . Yep, I completely stopped smoking, because I simply can’t afford it anymore.
  • Fast-Food once a month at around 20€/month.
  • Smarter purchases in general, while avoiding too much junk food. I still need my coffee & soda, but in smaller quantities. 150€/month
  • Personal & home hygiene at around 25€/month . It’s nice to take care of your hygiene, but one bottle of dish soap, detergent, shampoo & toothpaste should last for multiple months.
  • 5€/month to upkeep these websites

My new balance after readjusting my expenses is: +170€~ . There’s still room to save money. I’m also constantly looking for new deals from phone & internet service providers to save even more money. But this is just the point that if you ever struggle with money, then the first thing that you should do is get a pen & paper and write down your income & expenses.


Like changing my internet speed a bit at home and on my phone gave me around 35€ savings per month! Yeah, I can tell the difference on the speed of the internet, but it really doesn’t bother me, as I’m not a pro gamer applying for CS:GO or DOTA championships. The ping is perfectly stable 60-70 with wireless internet, as with wired it used to be 52-55. As long as you don’t play games online professionally that require fast reaction speeds, then 4G or 5G internet is more than enough.


Cigarettes… well duh <_<.
But hey, I wrote this down on paper, and it made me realize that how important it is to stop smoking when you are poor! Obviously things may change and one day I start to smoke again, but right now I simply can’t afford it.

As a reader you might think that “how is he so dumb that he couldn’t figure out how expensive smoking was?” , but it’s one of those things that when you start to do your own research on your own expenses, you will most likely reveal something that makes you feel stupid for not realizing sooner that how expensive certain habits of yours are! But hey, I never claimed to be smart either.


Just buying more veggies, meat, rice, potatoes etc. on the supermarket. Also filling my soda addiction with milk addiction. Honestly, all junk food & drinks are not only bad for your health, but also bad for your bank accounts health aswell.

I don’t claim to be a saint and suddenly stop all my bad junk food habits, but I’ll certainly reduce their consumption. We all need a little bit of processed sugar in our lives.


Your personal hygiene is important, but it shouldn’t cost much either. If you really get down to it, then you can even survive without toilet paper if you really had to. In western cultures toilet paper is a mandatory household item, but in the east there are many countries that still clean their asses with water. And just imagine the savings you can make, ¡¡¡ huehuehue !!!

But yeah, toilet paper, toothpaste, detergent, dish soap etc. shouldn’t cost that much.


Yet another post I made about my own personal experiences that I hope will help you readers in one way or another.

The point of this tutorial is to teach people, that it’s not always the earnings that matter.
As an example:“oh my god, I only make 2000€ per month and I can’t pay my for my house & car. I need to find a job that pays 3000€ so that my mind will be at peace!”. Then later on you will get a girlfriend/boyfriend into your life and your expenses go up, and then you need to find yet another job that pays 4000€ monthly or more.

How about one night you make some coffee and you sit down with pen and paper and start write down all your expenses. Maybe it’s not the 3000€ per month- job that you need, but 500€ that you could’ve saved easily if you didn’t think that going out to a club every weekend was a mandatory expense. Or how about not eating fast-food few times a week, but instead once or twice a month? Maybe you could save money by getting smaller car?

The 150€ that I’m saving right now with my new plan, I plan to invest in one way or another. Maybe in cryptocurrencies or other places, but I’ll keep you all up-to-date. I also might just spew it on something silly, who knows.

But one thing is for sure: I’ll keep actively looking for new ways to save money,

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