Guide on how to climb to Diamond in solo queue

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Season 10 was my peak when I reached diamond 1 by only playing Pantheon. Yes, most of us know, that Pantheon was broken at the time, but playing Pantheon taught me a lot about solo queue, which is how to efficiently climb in solo queue.

This is my short tutorial on how to quickly climb the ranks in League of Legends and how I did it. I’ve been planning on making this tutorial for a while now, and I’m finally putting it together for everyone to read!

One day I really wanted to get better and I started to study the things that streamers do, and often I find a similar pattern:
They aren’t really that… good? Like surely I can do what they do? They just split push all game or do weird dives under turret and die in the process?

But how can you say that? They are master+ for a reason ! Is it because I’m jealous or envious? No. What I did was that I compared many of the streamers to professional players that play on LCS / LCK or you name it and when you dig really deep into it, you will eventually find the answers.
The thing is that professionals, such as Bjergsen, Faker, Svenskeren etc. all play different in events / tournaments, and that’s because you have an organized team playing together with you, unlike in solo queue where you are grouped up with 4 random players that you have no idea on how they will perform.
Yes, you can look their stats before the game starts, but this still doesn’t mean much in most cases as there are many variables in play, such as the person just woke up, is having a bad day, might get disconnected in the middle of the match and so on.


Alright, let’s get down to it then. I’ll explain in full detail on how to efficiently climb and get your 50% winrate as a silver player up to as high as 90% , and believe me when I say this: It’s really not that difficult… Really it’s not. What you have to do is see league as a bowl of salad… YUP. The salad will be tasty if you keep it simple. If you go and add too many ingredients, the salad will become a mess and you can’t tell anymore that what you taste. Grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and get ready to read ! I’ll rank from highest priority to lowest, starting with ‘1‘ as the highest priority goal that you should focus on.


Hell, even better if you only main 1 champion. There is really no rule on which champion you want to play, as league of legends is a fairly balanced game up to high diamond rank. If you want to climb even higher, then in my opinion you should play a champion that is a known meta or hidden meta, but still you shouldn’t pick a champion based on the meta. Just play the 1-2 champions you like and DO NOT PLAY ANYTHING ELSE until you reach your desired rank.

Common mistake I see people make is, that they want to be like Faker, meaning that they play as many champions as possible, because they think it means that you are a good player. You can argue that “I play many champions to counter-pick my opponent”, but your counter-pick doesn’t matter AT ALL if you don’t understand how to use it to your advantage properly with the champion that you are playing with.

So in order to gain the biggest jump to your skill level, then you have to MASTER ONE CHAMPION and every single aspect that the champion will offer you, anywhere from combos to trading with your opponent.
Before you focus on mastering wave control, object control, vision control and so on, the first thing you should master is LANE CONTROL & KILL PRESSURE, and to be even more precise you have to understand how to FIRST BLOOD with the champion you play. Yes, some champions are weak early and scale better at late game, but it still doesn’t mean that you should just passively AFK farm. As silly as it sounds, learning how to kill your opponent in your lane as fast as possible will unlock a whole new world for you to explore.

As an additional side note, you do get off-roles every now and then, but you can either dodge, ask if you can get your role from another player or learn one more champion just for the cases of not getting your role.

Aggression will get paid off | PINNACLE


Stop playing like a wimp, farm all game and then at 20-30 minutes show your amazing power spike against a 10-0-0 Fiora, because all that passiveness just lost you the game. From now on I want you to play aggressive, even if you have no clue on what you are doing!

Trade with your opponents even if you lose every single trade.
One trick that I often did with pantheon was that I tried get 1-2 Q pokes at max stacks to my opponent when they went for a last hit, and the moment I hit level 2, I went all-in and killed my opponent, gaining first blood and gaining a huge experience & gold lead.
In situations like that there is almost no saving for your opponent to ever get back in to the game. They constantly have to farm under turret or get denied from experience, and even if their jungler comes for a gank, they both just end up dying because of the huge minion waves that I’ll use to my advantage. This is why often you hear people say that “the lane is over”. It’s really one mistake and after you just have to pray that someone will carry the game.

When trading, going for a kill or turret dive, don’t worry that you’ll end up dying and looking like a idiot. It is absolutely necessary that you push your champions boundaries in order to understand better on how to efficiently gain the control of the lane early on in the game.

And remember: EARLY GAME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN SOLO QUEUE, NOT LATE GAME. Even if you play a scaling champion like kayle, don’t just sit there and try to focus on last hitting. Always trade when you find an opening and know that you win the trade. And to understand when you win trades, that’s why I want you to look like an idiot at the start when learning a champion.

3: ME ME ME!

There is a certain mentality that I want you to get straight when playing solo queue:

  • Your team consists of 4 monkeys. Hopefully you are not one of them.
  • You are the most important player in the team.
  • Think about yourself. The other 4 are in most cases randoms that are just derping around.
  • Don’t expect your jungler to gank you.
  • Don’t expect someone to roam and come save you. Your mom won’t save you on the summoner’s rift.

If you really want to climb, you have to get better yourself. You can’t just go in the middle of the game ranting to other players that how they suck. It just doesn’t work like that. And this is the mentality that I want you to have in order to turn in to a better player. If you lost the game, then the chances are that 99.99% of the time there was something that you could have done better.
Yes, you can’t win them all, but in most cases at silver-platinum ranks the games that seemed lost were actually winnable if only you played better.

You do have pay attention to some degree on what is happening around the map, like in example if your jungler is in trouble then it’s fine to go help him… BUT NOT BECAUSE HE NEEDS HELP. BECAUSE YOU NEED THE MONEY BY GAINING KILLS. REMEMBER: ME ME ME !



This is also another self-explanatory subject. Look what you are up against and plan your items and build around the enemy champions. In many cases many of the champions build the same core items, one example being Goredrinker for Renekton. On higher elo you will most certainly lose some games by not choosing the right items.

Here’s a list of some situational items that you should take into consideration:

  • Executioner’s Calling, Chempunk Chainsword & Mortal Reminder – HEALING REDUCTION
  • Oblivion Orb & Morellonomicon – HEALING REDUCTION
  • Bramble Vest & Thornmail – HEALING REDUCTION
  • Plated Steelcaps ( Ninja Tabi ) & Mercury’s Treads – REDUCED DAMAGE FROM AUTO-ATTACKS & REDUCED CC DURATION

There are lots of other items also that you should consider, but these are the most common ones. Having the right items is crucial as those will improve your dueling potential on your lane and be the deciding factor on you winning against a fed Sylas as an example.


Micro means all the small things you do in league, anywhere from last hitting, kiting to trading.
Macro on the other hand means all the strategical aspect of the game, such as object, vision control or choosing between Baron or ending the game just to name a few.

The reason why I put this as 4th on the list, meaning it’s not the most important thing to focus on is, that many players on all ranks just know how to dominate their lanes so well that they don’t need to be masters at Micro or Macro. Sure they are good, but the reason many people get to higher ranks in league is because of their champion mastery and lane pressure, which of course is part of micro & macro management just like everything else, but the point of this guide is to help you make it to low diamond, not challenger.

Part of micro is last hitting & experience. Also learn the basics of last hitting & staying in experience range of minions if you are unable to go for last hits. There is some information you can find on google about the benefits of having a level advantage. There are mathematical analysis made on levels, and people say that having a 1 level advantage is equivalent to 500-600gold, which is actually huge, and on top of that at levels 2-6 you can unlock new abilities as well to top it off.

Just understand the basics of these for now and while you are mastering your champion, slowly add in new elements of micro & macro to your kit, but as I said don’t let this be your main focus for now.


We all get those trolls in our lobbies from time to time that lock in Amumu ADC with ghost and cleanse. What you simply have to do is dodge EVERY SINGLE TIME , but it’s better to wait until the very last few seconds to give the chance of other player dodging before you.

When you do decide to dodge, know that the first dodge gives you -1 to -3 LP, and the dodges right after that are around -10~. It’s still worth to lose the -10 LP rather than play the game and lose -15 to -20, because you will protect your MMR this way.
If I was serious about climbing, I’d always pay -15 LP to dodge rather than play a game that is a 70-100% loss. Your MMR is what matters when you want to climb really fast and skip divisions when getting promoted.


Just keep things simple. There is no need to over-complicate things when you are at bronze, silver, gold or even platinum. Those are all straight forward ranks where you dumpster your opponent on your lane and then snowball.

You can even get to low diamond by playing tryndamere and not once grouping with your team. Some games you can even win by having 0 kills/assists if you are really persistent with farming and split pushing.

Let’s recap real quick just in case there were any confusion:

1: Master one champion and understand it’s power spikes and combos.
2: Play aggressive ALL THE TIME. This is not a family trip, but a war-zone where being a coward will get punished. Test your limits by trading with your opponents as much as possible and learn to turret dive.

3: ME ME ME! Look after yourself and not others.
4: Learn your champions build & situational items.
5: Understand the basics of micro & macro.
6: Dodge when necessary. There is no shame in dodging if you think that game going to be a huge uphill battle.

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